Board of Directors of AEFA

The members of the new governing board of AEFA are: Mr. Ricardo Villuendas, as President; Mr. Francisco Miguel as Vice-president, and Mr. Alberto Morera as Second Vice-president; Mr. Enrique Riquelme acts as the Secretary and Mr. Pedro Peleato as the Treasurer of the association.

This new board of directors arises with the hope of being able to continue the work initiated by previous AEFA representative bodies, as facing new challenges in order to get benefits for farmers especially and for society as a whole, and always protecting the environment.

AEFA's President of Honour

At the end of 2012, Francisco Ponce Carrasco was named President of Honour of AEFA (Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers) after a great history playing different roles and functions within this association.

He was one of the founding members and a pioneer with the idea of associating. He also acted as the president during the constitutional and creational period of the association. Later on, he had a great ten year activity as the General Director of one of the member companies and, after that, he took over the Communication and Press Department of AEFA for another long period.

Nowadays, he is a professor at the International Science, Technology, Education and Humanities Academy (AICTEH) and works as a writer as well as a press and magazine columnist, without losing touch with his range at the AEFA. He professes a special affection to this association and receives a reciprocal feeling from its associates.

Technical Direction

Victoria Cadahía, Technical Director at the AEFA (Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers) coordinates and takes part in the operational and institutional actions of the Association.

A great example of that is her being responsible for advising the associated companies about fertilizers, biostimulants and OMDF (alternative forms of protecting plant health); developing technical reports about the interest matters of the Association, especially the ones related to legislation changes or new national and European norms; keeping a good relation with the Administration and work meetings, participating at the sectorial committee with proposals defending the interests of its associates; representing AEFA at European forums and meetings about the future Fertilizing and Biostimulant Regulations; answering the technical questions of its associates; taking part in work committees along with the Direction Board... as well as assisting and coordinating Congresses, Fairs and other significant events where AEFA takes part at.

Department of Communications of AEFA

AEFA's Communication Department is founded by Mr. Enrique Riquelme, Marketing, Expansion and Innovation Director of Grupo Agrotecnología and Mr. Francisco Artal, who works as Chief Executive of Abonos Artal. Both companies are associated with AEFA and the latter also co-founded this association.

Both Mr. Riquelme and Mr. Artal coordinate the functions of this association without disregarding their business activities. They are well aware of the growing importance that the communication has in the day-to-day of their association.

AEFA's Communication Department is actively working on different areas, such as organizing conferences, assisting to international fairs, coordinating and developing technical information and creating relevant professional contents for the media (magazines, newspapers and online platforms) about Fertilizers, Biostimulants and OMDF.

This department is logistically and executively supported by Condelmed SL, specialized company in matters of marketing and communication.

Legal Department of AEFA

AEFA (Spanish Agricultural nutrients Manufacturers Association) has been advised by the law firm of the lawyer Pedro Nacher from the first steps of its incorporation until the later handling of all its pronouncements. The also lawyer Gonzalo Pérez is the person in charge of attending all the meetings and he is the contact person for any kind of issue which may raise.

The AEFA is really grateful to both for their interest and professionalism.

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