Agricultural nutrients

Agricultural nutrients include a wide range of nutritional products of high quality for a modern agriculture, in both, traditional crops or growing cover crops.

In the 80’s the industrialization process of the manufacturer companies of fruits and vegetables speeded up and brought about a demand in quality for the supplies. In this new situation, some Spanish fertilizer manufacturers accept the challenge and start a race for research and development to achieve nutritional products more complex to satisfy new needs.

Many products are included under the name of agricultural nutrients. These products help the farmer to optimize his crops. The results are even more impressive according to the degree of technification of the companies.

Some examples of these agricultural nutrients are the NPK fertilizers, deficiency correctors, humic amendments, organic amendments, the amino acids and the combinations of all these elements with one or several secondary elements or chelated microelements… They can be in their different solid or liquid formulations, of foliar application, on the crop or solute in the irrigation water, in order to act as nutrients or be used with other cultural techniques (such as plant protection treatments) and to profit the beneficial synergy for the crops.

In short, a wide range of nutritional choices which allow the farmer to choose amongst the best available possibilities in terms of technology at the global level. The developed technology along these years has obtained an excellent response with its direct implantation in other areas which are not under the Spanish commercial influence area. They have found in the Spanish field a good example to follow due to its success guarantee. Thus the manufacturer companies, members of AEFA, are working in these “soft winters” markets from their production plants in Spain or their production plants abroad with this purpose.

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